Texas Employment Law Rates and Fees

Initial Consultation Is Free - Our philosophy is to develop a win-win agreement that is mutually beneficial to the client and the firm. We explore alternatives together at no cost to the client, usually by discussing alternatives early in the relationship, during a free initial consultation over the phone.

The Pursley Law Firm, PLLC recognizes that costs for legal representation may present financial burden or difficulty for individuals who have recently incurred a hardship to afford. The firm realizes that this is not an alternative for most individual clients who have recently incurred a severe financial hardship.

In those cases that involve individual clients who are undergoing financial hardship; in need of representation; and cannot afford the expense, The Pursley Law Firm, PLLC will develop creative structures for contracting representation to provide a fair and equitable agreement that is affordable to the client.

If the firm accepts a case in these circumstances, a reduced fee for follow-up consultations can be arranged with the majority of expense provided for under a contingent fee contract. This means that after an early stage of the consultation, the firm will pay expenses and obtain legal fees only from a successful recovery.

Although the client is responsible for out-of-pocket-expenses, the firm will advance most or all of the expenses assuming the risk associated with sufficient recovery for reimbursement. This is offered on a variety of terms which can be tailored to meet the client's needs and provide a healthy working relationship between the firm and the client. Our interests are in serving your needs.

Our hourly rate contracts are set in accordance with the market for competent legal representation in the practice areas and geographical locations we service, currently ranging from $250 to $375 per hour and depending on the case assignment; attorneys working on the case; and overall tasks at hand. Paralegal staff is billable at $75 to $100 per hour and is utilized as a means of providing savings to our clients where possible. Costs of litigation include depositions (requiring payment of court reporter's fees), legal research and often times significant travel. Thousands of dollars in costs can easily accumulate in prolonged litigation.

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